Blixa Artzine #8

The theme of this release of Blixa artzine was Utopia / Dystopia.
I contributed with a fill out form which has something to say about the nowhere-space Utopia, Western Philosophy , the Ego and the Reader with the Pen in the Hand.

Medvirkende bidragydere

Claus Carstensen
Jonas Okholm
Klaus Høeck
Anders Brinch
Kamilla Mez
Peter H. Olesen
Mie Olise Kjærgaard (originalgrafik)
Astrid Winsløw Hammer
Lisbeth Eugenie Christensen
Iben Toft Nørgaard
+ Niels Fabæk og Nils Sloth

(Bonusinfo: Jonas Okholms bidrag måler 10 meter og 78 centimeter)

Udgivelsen er støttet af Statens Kunstfond.

Public domain videos and pictures can be downloaded and shared with others as long as the authorship is credited and there is a link back to the website of the author.

These works cannot be altered in any way or used for commercial purpose nor be displayed or exhibited without the consent of the artist.
Kamilla Mez © 2020
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