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Art Room 1000fryd is a special space in Aalborg,
where upcoming, experimenting artists and their
collaborators can show their projects and located in the center of Aalborg.

The space part of the legendary culture- house 1000fryd. Our exhibitions and events are focusing on supporting upcoming, experimenting, Danish and international artists.
      Our room is a white space, that includes the
raw, subtle, spacial aesthetics from house. For example, the doors which are covered with stickers and graffiti tags, and a black line is going through the space, which connects all the rooms in the house together.
Public domain videos and pictures can be downloaded and shared with others as long as the authorship is credited and there is a link back to the website of the author.

These works cannot be altered in any way or used for commercial purpose nor be displayed or exhibited without the consent of the artist.
Kamilla Mez © 2020
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